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Fitou Fitou, France Fitou, Southern France Saint Paul de Fenouillet Saint Paul de Fenouillet, France Fitou
Saint Paul de Fenouillet, Pyrenees Orientales Saint Paul de Fenouillet, Roussillon Saint Paul de Fenouillet, Southern France Thuir Thuir, France
Thuir, Pyrenees Orientales Trouillas Trouillas, France Trouillas, Pyrenees Orientales Trouillas, Southern France
Vingrau Vingrau, France
Created in 1948, the Fitou appellation is the oldest in the Languedoc Roussillon region. It is divided into 2 districts, one based on fertile clay based soil & the other in the most rugged corners of Languedoc. Fitou is easily accessible 28 km from Espira de l’Agly.